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Bài hát Be The One (English Version) - Beverly


Lời bài hát: Be The One (English Version)

Ca sĩ: Beverly

I walk alone, it doesn’t matter for how long
I’ll keep going, wherever these footprints will lead me i believe it’s destiny
An endless road, but i know that you’re strong and bold
Somewhere out there waiting for me with a smile that shines like gold
There you will

Be the one! Be the one! All right!
I don’t wanna give it up, fighting for tomorrow
Be the light! Be the light! All right!
Love is strong and it’ll always find a way
Reaching out your hand, just take it closer to your heart
Never lose the fire, and hold on to what you believe
Be the one be the light
Message from my heart, i’ll send it to you!

(Oh be the one! Be the one! Be the lights!)

There’s nothing more important than the life you hold
Just remember you’ve gotta go and keep on moving forward so you make the most of everyday
The strength you’ve built, the kindness that you’ve learned to grow
All together makes your soul a better, brighter light, i know
There you will

Be the one! Be the one!
We will keep on looking for a way, night will always turn to day
Be the light! Be the light!
We will take our past and share it with our future
Living in the moment, everything’s a miracle
Shining like the sun and beaming like the moonlight
Be the one! Be the light!
Message to my heart, i won’t let it go

La la la
You will be the one
You will be the one yeah
Be the one!

Be the one! Be the one!
We will make all your sight
You'll be the one
Be the light, be the light
We'll change darkness into brightness yeah
Leading you into the light
Be the light
Oh you will be alive
Be the one, be the one
You will be the one
We'll make a way
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